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        The LGP30 Disposable
                                                                       •  Low energy usage
        panel is suitable for use as
       a pre-filter for higher
       grades of air filtration or                                     •  Optimum even dust retention
       for use as a simple filter for
       general use within air                                          •  Low initial resistance & long life
       handling systems where
       the use of glass-fibre is
       unacceptable and where                                          •  Constant efficiency
       moisture resistance is a
       requirement.                                                    •  Robust durable construction
       This product is particularly
       suitable where high levels                                      •  Available in a large range of standard
       of efficiency combined                                             sizes
       with low operational
       energy costs are required.                                      •  Available in bespoke sizes

                                                                       •  Made in Britain
       The LGP30 Disposable
       Filter contains a core of
       pleated non-hygroscopic
       and hydrophobic fibrous
       media designed specifically
       for use in air filtration. The            Rated   Efficiency   Max            Initial   Rated Final
                                       Filter                              Max                           Holding
       media is manufactured                    Velocity   Rating    Temp          Resistance   Resistance
                                      Reference                     0    Humidity                       Capacity
       with a graded fibre density               m/s     (EN 779)   c              at RV (pa)   (pa)         2
                                                                                                         (g/m )
       to ensure optimum and
       even dust retention            LGP30-2     2.5      G4       80    80%RH       52        250       353
       combined with low initial
       resistance and is thermally
       bonded onto a galvanised
       steel support mesh for
       maximum physical
       stability. The aerodynamic
       pack is then fully bonded
       into a water resistant rigid
       white beverage board
       frame and fitted with an
       airflow indicator.

                                        Please note: In their continuous search for product improvement Westbury reserve the right to change materials and specifications without prior notice.


                Ref: DST-T-V1
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