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APPLICATIONS                                                         •  In 50mm and 100mm nom depths
       The FP/HE Pleated panel
       range has been designed to                                           •  In various efficiencies
      provide a high level of                                               •  Robust construction
      filtration where the depth
      allowance within the air-                                             •  Wide range of standard sizes
      handling unit is constrained.
      This product provides a high                                          •  Can be manufactured to size
      level of protection at a low
      replacement cost. The                                                 •  Suits numerous applications
      product is suitable for use in
      general filtration                                                    •  Low replacement cost
      applications or as the first
      line of protection for a more                                         •  Made in Britain
      elaborate filtration system.
      Being fully incinerable it is
      particularly suited for
      application where this form
      of disposal of the spent filter
      is indicated.
                                                                Nom       Flow       Media      Initial Resistance
                                           ASHRAE Efficiency   Depth      Rate
                                                                                     Colour       at RV (pa)
                                                               (mm)      (m3/hr)
                                                60-80%           50        865       Green           75
      The product is constructed                60-80%          100       1730       Green           75
      with a core of high grade                 80-90%           50        865        Pink           85
      synthetic micro-fibre
                                                80-90%          100       1730        Pink           85
      laminated to a pleated
      expanded wire grid. The                   90-95%           50        865       Yellow          100
      pleated element is then                   90-95%          100       1730       Yellow          100
                                                95%+             50        865       White           120
      bonded into a full bonded
      water repellant card case to              95%+            100       1730       White           120
      produce a rigid assembly.
      The final filter is fitted with              Maximum Temperature 80 c   Maximum Humidity 80%RH
      an airflow indicator.
                                                           Recommended final resistance: 250Pa

                                        Please note: In their continuous search for product improvement Westbury reserve the right to change materials and specifications without prior notice.


                Ref: DST-T-V1
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