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Product Data Sheet

                                    FP Lofted Synthetic Bag Filter

       The FP Lofted G4 Synthetic
        is suitable for use as a pre-
        filter for higher grades of                                  •  ePM Coarse 65% to ISO16890

       air filtration, or for use as a
                                                                     •  High dust holding capacity at low resistance
       simple filter for general
       applications.                                                 •  Lofted Synthetic product

       CONSTRUCTION                                                  •  Low replacement cost
       The pockets are produced
       from progressively flame                                      •  Robust construction
       retardant that complies
       with CP413. The structured                                    •  Available in standard and bespoke sizes
       thermally bonded
       polyester fibres are
                                                                     •  Made in Britain
       specifically designed for
       use in air filtration. Each
       pocket is fitted with a U
       profile capping strip to
       ensure no leakage
       between pockets. The sets
       of pockets are retained in a
                                      Rated Velocity  Average Arrestance        Initial Resistance at RV
       rigid galvanised steel                               Max Temp  C  Max Humidity           Rated Final Resistance (pa)
                                         m/s        5µm                               (pa)
       channel, which features a
       specially roll formed safety
                                      Dependent on
       edge.                           pocket length  <95%     60       100%RH        55               250

                                        Standard                                  Standard Header
                                       Pocket No.s      Standard Pocket lengths      Depths         Flammability
                                         4 or 6
                                         3 or 4       225mm 305mm  381mm  530mm    20, 25 or 30mm  Complies with CP413 & BS5588
                                         2 or 3

                                        Please note: In their continuous search for product improvement Westbury reserve the right to change materials and specifications without prior notice.

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