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       This product is particularly                                        •  Fully washable / cleanable
       suitable for general or pre-
                                                                           •  Low Resistance
       filtration applications where
        cleaning is the preferred                                          •  Long Life
      method of replenishment..
      It may be used as a simple air                                       •  Robust construction
      filter for use in air handling
      units, within sand intake                                            •  Can be used in high humidity conditions
      prevention systems or as part                                        •  Numerous uses
      of a coalescer system and is
      suitable for use where                                               •  Made in Britain
      replacement costs prohibit
      the use of disposable filters.

      The product is robustly
      constructed for long life,
      whilst providing an intricate
      labrynth to ensure optimum
      The multilayer core is        Metal washable filters are available as standard in two
      retained in a specially formed   finishes:-
      channel with protective facia    ✓  Galvanised frame with galvanised knitted wire core
      meshes on both faces. The        ✓  Galvanised frame with expanded aluminium core
      assembly is mechanically
      closed with rivets to ensure   However other finishes and materials are available on request
      optimum strength &            This product is available in an extensive range of standard
      durability.                   sizes and can also be produced to almost any practical size.
                                    Standard Depths available are 23 & 47mm.
      The MW Metal Washable
      Filter is easily cleaned in
      water containing a mild
      detergent, however, strong
      alkalis such as caustic soda
                                                                  Rated   Initial Resistance at  Maximum Resistance
      should not be used as these           Filter Reference  Depth
                                                                Velocity m/s  RV (pa)       (Pa)
      are both dangerous and lead
      to premature degeneration of
      the filter.

                                             MW-25 Galv  23mm       2          30           500
                                             MW-50 Galv  47mm       2          45           500

                                        Please note: In their continuous search for product improvement Westbury reserve the right to change materials and specifications without prior notice.



                Ref: DST-T-V1
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