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        Reloadable Pad Frames are
        ideal for use in reducing                                          •  Replace the filter core only
        filter costs where
      disposable panel filters are                                         •  Various media options
      normally used.  The FPF
      frames simply hold a pad
      of disposable media (either                                          •  Simple replenishment of core
      glass-fibre or synthetic) or
      washable media i.e.:                                                 •  Long life and robust construction
      reticulated polyurethane
      foam. The filter system                                              •  Can contain washable media
      removes the need to
      dispose of the whole filter                                          •  Economical
      when only the core
      element of the filter needs
      to be disposed of, thus                                              •  Made in Britain
      providing the most
      economic solutions in
      terms of storage, handling
      and disposal.
                                     The following data relates to possible filter media types that are suitable for use in the FPF system
                                     operating at 1.5m/sec. The media pads are supplied and priced as a separate item subject to requirement:-
      The frame is robustly
                                            Glass-Fibre Media          Synthetic Media          Washable Polyfoam
      constructed from either
      Galvanised Mild Steel,
      Aluminium or Stainless             1.5m/sec    12mm thick   25mm thick   50mm thick   1.5m/sec   12mm thick   25mm thick   50mm thick   1.5m/sec   12mm thick   25mm thick   50mm thick
      Steel dependent on the              Velocty                   Velocty                   Velocty
      application. Mitered joints
      ensure physical stability           EN779     G2   G3   G4    EN779    G3   G3   G4      EN779    G2   G2   G3
      and accuracy to the
      finished product. A rigid        Initial Pressure   45   48   50   Initial Pressure   25   58   75   Initial Pressure   12   63   80
      grid is attached to the air        Loss (Pa)                 Loss (Pa)                  Loss (Pa)
      leaving side of the filter.          Final                    Final                      Final
      Replenishment is simply          Recommended   125   125   150   Recommended   150   250   250   Recommended   150   250   250
                                        Pressure Loss             Pressure Loss             Pressure Loss
      accomplished by
                                           (Pa)                      (Pa)                      (Pa)
      unclipping the retaining
      clip and removing the pad          Average                   Average                    Average
                                       Synthetic Dust            Synthetic Dust             Synthetic Dust
      for washing or                                75   80   88              52   86.3   93.4          70   79   83
                                          Weight                    Weight                    Weight
      replacement.                     Arrestance (%)            Arrestance (%)             Arrestance (%)

                                        Please note: In their continuous search for product improvement Westbury reserve the right to change materials and specifications without prior notice.


                Ref: DST-T-V1
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