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       Slimline fancoil filters
       utilise a low resistance
       non-woven polyester filter                                           •  Durable synthetic media on a wire frame
       media which may be
       vacuumed to remove dust                                              •  Low cost
       particles. They are widely

       used in air conditioning                                             •  Manufactured to suit your size
       units, fan coil systems,
       warm air furnaces,
       refrigeration, counters and                                          •  Low resistance
       electronic equipment
       cabinets. They are also                                              •  Available manufactured in various
       often used to protect heat                                              materials
       exchanger coils from dust,
       carpet fluff etc.                                                    •  Made in Britain
       Additionally, Slimline
       fancoil filters may also be
       used as a pre filter to
       protect higher grade filters
       further down stream.

                                                     Media   Average          Final   Flame   Filter   Maximum
                                          Efficiency                Resistance      Resistance   maximum
                                                    Velocity   Arrestance   Resistance   (BS5588)   thickness   Temperature
       CONSTRUCTION                                 (m/sec)
       The product is                  G2             1.5    79%     10Pa    200Pa    Pass    5mm      100 C
       manufactured by sewing
                                       G3             1.5    85%     13Pa    200Pa    Pass    10mm     100 C
       the synthetic media onto a
       pre-formed copper coated
       wire frame that has cross
       braces attached as              Slimline Fancoil filters are also available in:
       necessary. The product is
       light, compact & simple to          •  Washable Polyurethane Foam
       use. It may be lightly
       vacuum cleaned or washed            •  Wire Mesh
       if required, however, due           •  Nylon screen etc.
       to its low replacement
       cost, the Slimline fancoil
       filter is generally
       considered to be

                                        Please note: In their continuous search for product improvement Westbury reserve the right to change materials and specifications without prior notice.


                Ref: DST-T-V1
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