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APPLICATIONS                                                       •  G2 – G3 Grade
       The FP-GP Glass-fibre
       panel is suitable for use as                                        •  Low replacement cost
       a pre-filter for higher

      grades of air filtration or
      for use as a simple filter for                                       •  Robust construction
      general applications.
                                                                           •  Simple disposal
      The core is produced from                                            •  High dust holding capacity
      a pad of resilient lofted
      glass-fibre manufactured                                             •  Huge range of standard sizes
      with a graduated density
      to ensure optimum dust                                               •  Readily available in bespoke sizes
      holding efficiency. The
      glass-fibre media is further
      enhanced with a coating of                                           •  Made in Britain
      anti-dusting agent. The
      pad is bonded into a
      moisture resistant rigid                                             Dust     Initial
      card frame and fitted with           Filter   Nominal   Velocity   Efficiency   holding   resistance at   Rated final   Maximum   Maximum
      an airflow indicator.              Reference   size (mm)   (m/sec)   (EN779)   capacity   Velcocity   (pa)   Humidity   (0 C
      RANGE                              FP-GP1   25mm     1.5     G2      450       25       150    80% RH    80
      The FP/GP is available in a        FP-GP2   50mm     1.75    G3      720       37       150    80% RH    80
      large range of standard
      sizes in 1" and 2" (25,
      50mm) nominal depths                                    FP GP Panel Resistance -v- Velocity
      and may also be produced
      in non-standard sizes to               100
      suit application                        80
      requirements. The key
      attributes of the product              Resistance (Pa)  60                                         25mm
      are consistent efficiency,
      robust construction and                 40                                                         50mm
      long life combined with
      low replacement cost.

                                                     0.5         1         1.5         2         2.5 Velocity m/sec

                                        Please note: In their continuous search for product improvement Westbury reserve the right to change materials and specifications without prior notice.


                Ref: DST-T-V1
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