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                                                                          •  Environmentally friendly
       This product is particularly
      suitable for general or pre-                                        •  Fully washable / cleanable
      filtration applications where
      ecologically friendly solutions                                     •  Low Resistance
      are preferred or where                                              •  Long Life
      ongoing replacement costs
      need to be limited or spares                                        •  Lightweight yet robust
      are not carried. Specific
      applications include: Air                                           •  Can be used in high moisture conditions
      Handling unit intakes, Marine
      engines, Defence                                                    •  Numerous uses
      applications, Compressor
      intakes or any applications                                         •  Made in Britain
      where high levels of
      particulate contamination are
                                        The Davis Recleanable filter may be
                                        manufactured to virtually any practical size,
      The filter is both lightweight    however a range of standard sizes are
      and robust, standard units        available. The standard filter depths are
      being manufactured from           50mm, 75mm &100mm (nominal). Frames are
      NS4 Grade Aluminium frames        manufactured in NS4 Aluminium as standard;
      with the core being produced      however they are also available in Galvanised
      from specially selected           Steel, Stainless Steel, Naval Bronze etc. Heavy
      cellular foam.
                                        Duty versions are also available on request.

      The design of the product
      ensures high dust holding
      capacity, high moisture             175

      resistance, flame retardency,       150
      high mechanical strength &          125
      stability along with the
      advantage of an integral           Pressure Drop  Pa   100
      inbuilt compression seal.           75

                                          0  00   0.50   1.00   1.25   1.50   1.75   2.00   2.25   2.50   2.75
                                                                        Velocity m/sec

                                        A wide range of filter housings and frames area available to suit this product

                                        Please note: In their continuous search for product improvement Westbury reserve the right to change materials and specifications without prior notice.


                Ref: DST-T-V1
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